Clients - Other Entities


  • Australian Post-Tel Institute Inc
  • Brisbane Jazz Club Inc
  • Disabled Wintersport Australia Inc

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Body Corporates

  • Kersley Mews CTS

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  • Aurelius Foundation
  • Blue Sky Foundation
  • Chilarity
  • Ex Voto Foundation

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Foreign Companies


  • Sipan-1 LLP

British Virgin Islands

  • Global Oilfield Services (BVI) Corporation
  • Latin American Copper Chile Holdings Limited
  • Xidex International Corporation


  • Constellation Software, Inc. - listed on TSX
  • Gary Jonas Computing Ltd
  • Maverix Metals Inc. - listed on TSX
  • MPC Plow Hire Ltd
  • Murphy Pipe & Civil Ltd
  • Runge Mining (Canada)


  • Compañia Minera Los Mantos SCM
  • Compañia Minera Punitaqui SCM
  • Compañia Minera Tamaya SCM
  • Latin American Copper Chile S.A.
  • Runge Latin America Limitada
  • SMC Gold Chile Limitada


  • Beijing China Civil Jumbo Technology Development Co., Ltd
  • China Civil Jumbo Lottery Co., Ltd

Cook Islands

  • Cook Islands Tattslotto Pty Ltd
  • TMS (PIL) Cook Islands Limited


  • PON Limited
  • Rosat Holdings Limited


  • SevenStar International


  • TMS (Fiji) Limited
  • TMS (Fiji) On-Line Limited


  • Aurelius SCI


  • Jumbo Interactive Gmbh

Great Britain

  • Amlink Technologies (UK) Limited
  • EMS Software Solutions Limited
  • Indian Minerals Corporation PLC
  • Kolar Gold PLC
  • Kolar Gold (UK) Limited
  • Micro Corporation International Limited
  • MJS Applications Limited
  • Shortcuts Software (UK) Limited
  • TMR Services Limited
  • Web Boom Media (UK) Limited


  • Kolar Gold Limited - listed on London AIM Stock Exchange


  • KGF Mining Private Limited
  • Kolar Gold Resources (India) Private Limited


  • Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd - listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • Kowa Company, Ltd


  • Palm Investments Limited SA


  • Pola Pasifik SDN BHD


  • Kolar Gold Resources Limited


  • Jumbo Interactivo de México S.A. de C.V.

New Zealand

  • Bathurst New Zealand Limited (Group)
  • Buller Coal
  • Canterbury Coal (2013) Limited
  • Cascade Coal Limited [GROUP]
  • Cellular Cellnet (NZ) Limited
  • Collison Finance & Investments Limited
  • Eastern Coal Holdings (NZ) Limited [GROUP]
  • Eastern Resources Group Limited
  • Enviro Coal Pty Ltd
  • IBC Communications Limited
  • New Brighton Collieries Limited
  • Rochfort Coal Limited
  • Scarfie Trustee Limited
  • Short Cuts Limited
  • Shortcuts Software Limited
  • Somervilles Land Holdings Limited
  • Takitimu Coal Limited

Northern Ireland

  • AuRiada Limited
  • Ballymoney Power Limited

Papua New Guinea

  • TMS Global Services (PNG) Limited


  • Iberian Resources Portugal Recursos Minerals Unipessoal LDA


  • TRETECNIC Asia Pte Ltd

South Africa

  • Cognitive Selling (Pty) Ltd
  • MRM Mining Services Pty Ltd
  • Runge Mining (RSA) Pty Ltd

South Korea

  • Jin Seong Inc.


  • ADC Telecommunications Inc. - listed on NASDAQ Stock Exchange
  • Amlink Technologies USA Inc
  • Duffield Construction Inc.
  • Global Oilfield Services, Inc
  • Halliburton Company - listed on New York Stock Exchange
  • Jumbo Interactive North America, Inc.
  • Jumbo Lotteries USA Limited
  • Jumbo Lotteries NC, Inc.
  • La Esperanza Delaware Corporation
  • Lottery Rewards Inc.
  • Lotto Points Plus, Inc
  • Murphy Pipe & Civil LLC
  • MPC Pipelines Inc.
  • MPC Plow Hire LLC
  • Peopleware, Inc
  • Runge Mining Inc
  • Shortcuts Software, Inc [GROUP]
  • Surebiz Holdings, Inc [GROUP]


  • Tusk Investment Corporation
  • Palm Corp Limited

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Foreign Subsidiaries

  • Adaptive Insights Australia Pty Ltd
  • Adaptive Planning Pty Ltd
  • ADC Software Systems Australia Pty Ltd
  • BR Coal Pty Ltd
  • Cognitive Selling Pty Ltd
  • Daiwa House Australia Pty Ltd
  • Global Artificial Lift Pty Ltd
  • Indian Minerals Corporation (Australia) Pty Ltd
  • Jonas Software AUS Pty Ltd
  • Kolar Gold Pty Ltd
  • Kowa Australia Pty Ltd

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Large Proprietary

  • C & C Warehouse (Holdings) Pty Ltd
  • CDW Pty Ltd
  • Inside Mobile Pty Ltd
  • Opus Capital Services Pty Ltd
  • Printer Wholesalers Pty Ltd

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  • Amlink Technologies Joint Venture
  • Chiron College of Astrology & Healing
  • Douglas Heck & Burrell Registries
  • I.W.M. Friendly Society
  • Norwood Secretarial Services
  • Opus Property Trusts
  • Queensland Company Secretarial Service

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