Services - Company Incorporation

ACSS can assist with, and attend to, incorporation of a new Company and provide ancillary services.

Companies can be formed with the name of your choice, your own Director(s) and Company Secretary, and your chosen Registered Office.

As an alternative our office premises can be the Company's Registered Office (and PO Box) to receive and handle ASIC/statutory correspondence. We are an ASIC Registered Agent.

In need, we can act as a Director for example when there is a need for an Australian resident Director (in foreign owned subsidiaries where all other Directors are overseas) - or as an Alternate Director (eg, if a permanent Director is often away). Our principal is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

We can also provide the services of a professionally qualified Company Secretary to take care of all corporate administration and statutory matters. Our principal is a Fellow of Chartered Secretaries Australia and a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administrators (UK).

To incorporate a new Company we require:

  • proposed name (we will check its availability first)
  • location of Registered Office and Principal Place of Business
  • name(s) and other details of Director(s) - minimum 3 for public companies
  • name/details of Company Secretary
  • name/details of Public Officer (required under Tax Act)
  • initial shareholder/member details.

Once we have registered the Company we will provide you with:

  • Original Certificate of Registration
  • Copy of Form 201 (lodged with ASIC)
  • Consents to Act - for each Director, Company Secretary & Public Officer*
  • Share/Member Application(s)*
  • Initial Shareholder/Member(s) Resolutions*
  • Initial Director(s) Resolutions*
  • Register of Members
  • Share Certificate(s)*
  • Register of Charges
  • Notification of Public Officer to Tax Office*
  • Consent to use premises as Registered Office (if applicable)
  • Company Register Index
  • Company Rules (Corporations Act 'Replaceable Rules')

* will require signing as/where applicable